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Doodled Poem Commissions

Doodled Poem Commissions

***These commissions are pay what you can, please read the instructions below before ordering!***


Right now I am offering custom doodled pay-what-you-can poem commissions. These commissions feature an original poem and hand-doodled illustrations - inspired by a word submission from you!


💌 Poem Ordering Instructions:


Step 1:

  • Tell me a single word that your poem will be based off of. This will be the title of the poem.

Step 2:

In additional notes you may want to provide information such as:

  • If you'd like the poem directed toward a specific type of recipient (yourself, a crush, a partner, a friend, a family member, etc)
  • If you would like a name to be added in the to or from section
  • What email you would like the poem sent to, if you'd like it sent to an email addess other than the one you check out with (i.e. your crushes)

Step 3:

  • At checkout, add a price amount into the tips section of whatever price you choose/are able. I want these to be fun and accessible so I've made these commissions pay what you can :)


You can send your loved ones the custom poem virtually, you can print them, hand them out, send them by snail mail, or you can burn one with a cupid effigy in a ritual. Whatever you choose to do with it is between you and your diary.

  • Please Note:

    This commission is to be used by the customer for personal use only, it is not to be used for commercial or resale purposes.

    The artist retains the rights to the work

  • When to expect your poem:

    Commissions will be finished and delivered in the order they are recieved.

    Typically less than 1 week turnaround time.



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